Oct 2016 – ongoing

I am currently employed by MOVOX, a small business telecommunications company. I am responsible for all of the company’s communication, including press releases, social media and email marketing, as well as internal documents and website content. Throughout my tenure, I have increased followers and engagement across all social platforms on a $0 budget. I have also worked towards strengthening our relationships with business partners and other stakeholders.


  • Plan, manage and execute social media and email marketing campaigns
  • Generate opportunities and ideas to increase customer and partner engagement
  • Maintain and create content for social media
  • Prepare incident notifications
  • Respond to customer queries across platforms
  • Write, distribute and manage press releases
  • Re-evaluate internal processes for customer communication and support
  • Work closely with suppliers and stakeholders


More on MOVOX

MOVOX’s cloud-based voice, video and unified communication solutions are rapidly becoming the standard for communications worldwide.


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