My name is Cassidy Spencer.

I’m a communications professional whose passion lies in customer service and relationship management. I’ve worked for two telecommunications companies. One, a major global brand, and the other, a small business startup where I’m helping to build their online persona from the ground up, a challenging yet rewarding experience to date.

I completed my Bachelor of Media in 2012 after a study abroad at Keele University in the UK. Since then, I’ve completed a Cert. IV in Professional Writing and Editing, further developing my current skills and passion for the written word.

I grew up in Adelaide, South Australia. After moving to Melbourne in late 2016, I’ve decided to follow my passion and begin freelance writing. I’m interested in new media and how it can be used effectively in brand promotion. I’m fascinated by how we develop relationships with people, animals and places, even inanimate objects — and all the feelings in between.

Most of all, I love writing in all its forms: over social media, on a blog, as a business email, in a book, or by hand.

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