I completed my Bachelor of Media in 2012 after a study abroad at Keele University in the UK. Since then, I’ve completed a Cert. IV in Professional Writing and Editing, further developing my current skills and passion for the written word.

I’ve worked in social media and marketing for two telecommunications companies. One, a major global brand, and the other, a small business startup where I’ve helped to build their online persona from the ground up, a challenging yet rewarding experience to date.

I grew up in Adelaide, South Australia. In late 2016, I moved to Melbourne, Victoria with my boyfriend. Our weekends are now spent discovering all the treats our new city has to offer. I hope to complete a memoir on my past relationships and experiences in the coming years.

This blog is my portfolio of sorts. My topics of interest include:

  • Health and fitness
  • Mental health, including addiction, anxiety and depression
  • Relationships, both personal and professional
  • Life in general
  • Telecommunications

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