“I complain a lot, just so you know.”

Those were the first words I ever said to Steve when we first met. After two years together I think he’s finally realised how honest I was being 😛

It’s our anniversary today. This time two years ago we crossed a line that I’ll never regret.

Since then, there’s been laughs, tears, harsh words, apologies, sweet gestures, really great sex – and a lot of love. We’ve uprooted our lives and started a new one together in another city. Some days, we want to kill each other. Most days, though, we just want to make each other happy.

I’m not one to post this sort of thing all over social media, but I wanted to share something so figured my blog was as good a place as any to do it.

Steve, you annoy me more than anyone else on this planet, but despite that you’re still my favourite person.

Here’s to annoying each other for years to come.

With love,

Cass ❤


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