As part of my Cert. IV in Professional Writing and Editing, I was required to complete a blog post for the fictitious company Better Health Yoga. The purpose was to show that I can a) follow a brief, and b) draft and edit my own work.

The brief was as follows:

Click to download a copy of the blog post final draft as a PDF document.

1. Client

Louise King, CEO of Better Yoga and
Tel: +6145078355

2. Objectives

We want to drive our web store customers to our daily yoga classes. We have a high amount of traffic from people shopping online. We have had a 25% increase in the sale of yoga mats in the last quarter but our class numbers have remained the same.

Our current blog posts do not do very well in terms of social media and we have seen no increase in classes since we started posting to the Better Yoga blog.

3. Audience

The company is based in inner-city Brisbane. We have 150,000 clicks on our web store each month and 300 people through or yoga classes each month.

Our target market is 25-35 year-old women. Our demographic tend to be into healthy living, spiritual healing and wellbeing.

Note that the target market is multicultural and so please factor in the cultural diversity of the market.

We pride ourselves on merging science with yoga founding ethics. We cut through the mumbo jumbo!

4. Copy length

400-500 words

5. Key messages

Title: Boost your mental power with yoga
Information to include:

  • What does the word ‘yoga’ mean? The word is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘yuj,’ which means ‘to unify’ or ‘to yoke’
  • What is the difference between yoga and pilates? This is a commonly-asked question that is often answered incorrectly. In essence, yoga is an ancient mind-body system of wellbeing that ultimately aims to still the mind. Pilates is a series of exercises aimed at strengthening the core.

Other areas (wider research needed):

  • The beneficial aspects of yoga
  • The ultimate goal of yoga
  • How yoga can boost your mental power

6. Style Guidelines

Tone: Simple, clear, friendly, nurturing, empowering.
Content Style Guide and Templates: Available from Louise King.

7. Accessibility

We need to make sure the content meets accessibility requirements.

8. Delivery format

Word document

9. Call to action

Sign up for our 30-day yoga class money back trial and receive a free yoga mat.

10. Approval and feedback

Louise King will provide approval and one round of editing upon submission.

11. Deadline

13/xx/20xx COB
Edits due 22/xx/20xx COB
Publish 29/xx/20xx COB

Click here to download a copy of the blog post as a PDF document.


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