I recently assisted PHESC with their new sponsorship proposal template. Below is a list of the tasks I performed:

Copy Editing

Para Hills East Soccer Club Sponsorship Proposal Title Page
Title page of sponsorship proposal. Click image to view full document.
  • Editing for grammar, spelling and other mechanics of style
  • Checked for and maintained consistency throughout manuscript
  • Clarified meaning, eliminated unnecessary jargon

Substantive and Stylistic Editing

  • Clarified and reorganised the manuscript for content and structure
  • Added markings for placement of art


  • Rewrote parts of the manuscript on the basis of content and research supplied by Vice-Chairman


  • Clarified meaning, such as omitted text, terminology and names
  • Checked for misplaced, wrong or missing letters and words
  • Checked for wrongly used homophones
  • Checked for wrong or inconsistent punctuation and grammar
  • Ensured consistency of spacing and margins
  • Ensured consistency of fonts and headings

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